Connect ROLLER data with CRM platforms and gain a holistic view of guest behavior.

Target dormant guests, abandon carts, birthday and highly personalised automated offerings.


Large guest datasets can be challenging to manage and analyse. Data is often fragmented and scattered across multiple systems and platforms, making it difficult to gain a unified view of guest behaviors, preferences and needs.

Smart Segments ROLLER BI Connector keeps pace with guests by enabling the integration of ROLLER and various Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms, such as Hubspot, Klaviyo and SendinBlue (Brevo). 

Multi-venue businesses can simplify guest data management and transform data into meaningful visualisations to gain a better understanding of guest patterns and trends for an increase in ROI.

Venues can enhance marketing and sales activities by personalising various types of behaviour trigger email flows including abandoned cart reminders, birthday offerings, personalised product and membership recommendations to help drive impactful guest experiences.

Unify data and integrate ROLLER with a variety of CRM applications, like Hubspot. Klaviyo. Brevo.

Unify data and integrate ROLLER with a variety of CRM applications, like
Hubspot. Klaviyo. Brevo.

Email marketing integration

Integrate and automate the transfer of ROLLER guests information into your preferred email marketing tool. Track sale conversion rates and increase the success of email marketing initiatives with up-to guest data, personalised email flow campaigns and venue offerings.

Segment guests

Customise how you report, visualise and analyse guest data. Create targeted guest groups and segment venue and multi-venue databases by a variety of variables, including guest status, booking type and date range, age, gender, birthday, purchases and more.

Birthday and special event offerings

Create automated birthday email flows by leveraging existing ROLLER data. Generate targeted email and SMS campaigns based on guest information and sales transactions, including children's birthday celebrations and past booking offerings.

Track and measure conversions

Automatically transfer ROLLER guest sales data and track conversions on marketing initiatives.Monitor marketing and sales activities against daily or monthly KPIs such as staff performance, membership sales, email conversion rates, website and social media engagement. Quickly identify opportunities for improvement and make data-driven decisions that increase ROI.

Compliant guest data transfers

Leverage existing guest waivers and automate real-time ROLLER data transfers to your preferred CRM system. Ensure marketing and communication practices are secure and compliant with business and industry regulations.

Customize reporting dashboards

Unify ROLLER and CRM data into a single, comprehensive dashboard. Sort, filter and visualise data across multiple venues to report and analyse specific areas of interest and measure performance. Add a variety of custom text fields and attachments, such as daily weather comments and powerpoints. Learn more.

Connect existing ROLLER data with your preferred CRM applications.

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