SmartSegments Roller Wakepark Connector

Wakepark Checkin Monitor Solution: Roller Integration by Smart Segments

Smart Segments custom solution is designed specifically for wakeparks, and allows operators to easily integrate and manage RFID wristbands synced with data in realtime.
SmartSegments Roller Wakepark Connector

The Smart Segments Wakepark Checkin makes it easy for venue operators to integrate RFID technology synced with realtime ROLLER data.


Integrate RFID Wristbands

Use RFID wristbands, scanned at cable docks, to get a realtime view of user data, including time left on a users pass. Check user profiles to mitigate fraudulant use of passes by accessing ROLLER data across dock systems.

View User Data in Realtime

View user information, such as name, profile picture, and ticket or membership information, at any cable dock across the venue. Verify valid passes quickly and easily by seeing minutes left on hourly passes, or days left on annual passes.

Enjoy using your ROLLER platform with a seamlessly integrated custom solution designed for wakeparks.

Our custom wakepark connector allows venue operators to utilise RFID wristband scans at each cable dock, creating the opportunity for a realtime overview of important data.

The information as stored in ROLLER is communicated across to the dock systems and are available in realtime to check a profile picture, rider name or other use information against the RFID wristband, providing an additional layer of protection against fraudulent behaviour.

Dock attendant are able to easily see the number of minutes each rider has left on their hourly passes, or how many days they have left on their yearly memberships at the docking stations.

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