Connect ROLLER data with your business intelligence applications using our ROLLER BI Connector.

Your venue has no shortage of data. Now it’s time to make the most of it.


Data generated from finance, operations, sales and marketing interactions, often resides in disparate business intelligence (BI) applications and CSV datasheets, making it difficult to unify all sources into one.

By integrating, centralising and visualising multi-venue ROLLER and BI data, Smart Segments ROLLER BI Connector enables venue management enhanced situational awareness to help drive more efficiency, reduce costs, and create a hyperconnected business that links people, data, and processes.

Request a demo to learn more about how you can turn data into actionable intelligence with ROLLER BI Connector and improve measurable outcomes across your entire ecosystem.

Visualise what’s happening at your venues, and use your data to guide and automate marketing, accounting and operational activities.

We’ve analysed the ROLLER API and all likely customer, product and sales data-use scenarios, and created an accurate, secure and flexible ROLLER API connector and dashboard template made specifically for venues and attractions.

Connect ROLLER data into
Power BI Xero Hubspot Google Data Studio
or other BI applications automatically, securely, and with ease.

Connect ROLLER data into Power BI Xero Hubspot Google Data Studio
or other BI applications automatically, securely, and with ease.

Reduce accounting workflows

Remove the complexities of multiple CSV files and automate the transfer of ROLLER financial data into your preferred accounting applications. Elevate daily and monthly performance reporting and reduce manual data entry and errors for effective decision making and reduced costs. Learn more.

Managed service

Install the ROLLER BI Connector in just a few clicks. The connection automatically loads and schedules your ROLLER data to feed into your own secure BigQuery Data Warehouse on an hourly basis which is secured, maintained and monitored continuously by Smart Segments data engineers. Monthly or yearly subscription model with no lock-in contract.

Optimise your operations

Create a single source of truth for heightened transparency, accountability and decision making processes across the entire business.Run powerful automations using live data from your venue via ROLLER. Set up automated triggers for different scenarios, such as high occupancy or when products run out, and have accounting and operational data sent straight to Xero and ERP systems.

Improve your data insights

Create an improved overview of venue performance and combine ROLLER data with venue data sources such as Google Analytics, CRM platforms and location weather data. Track customer LTV against marketing channels and identify opportunities to increase sales or reduce costs. Learn more.

Automate your marketing

Accelerate revenue opportunities and gain a 360-degree view of guest needs and preferences. Automatically integrating your ROLLER guest data with Facebook and Google ads, Mailchimp and other CRM platforms such as Hubspot, Klaviyo and Brevo. Personalise marketing and communication experiences including behavior trigger email flows based on customer visits or purchases and help drive impactful guest experiences. Learn more.

Ready to be smarter with your data?

Customised business intelligence reporting designed for venues and attractions​.

Seamlessly integrate your ROLLER data with data from your marketing and operational systems and say goodbye to information silos. You’ll be building customised business intelligence reports in PowerBI, Google Data Studio or a range of other popular BI tools in no time.

Build a clear picture about what’s happening at your venues, and optimise overall business operations with an automated ROLLER data integration into your suite of operational and accounting systems, such as Xero, Deputy and ERPs.

Start visualising data today with our free dashboard template.

Enhance performance measurement, analysis and visualisation with a flexible guest-focused, real-time, reporting dashboard customisable for specific internal and external stakeholders.

With our API connector, you can choose to build your own customised, automated and secure BI dashboards with your ROLLER data using your favourite BI tool such as PowerBI, Google Data Studio, Google Sheets, Excel or most other BI systems, or use our free dashboard template. 


The ROLLER BI Connector is free to try for 14 days, then keep using the Connector on a simple, no-obligation monthly Smart Segments subscription (just $65AUD/month), or save 20% with an annual subscription.

You’ll have access to our customisable dashboard template, and our expert team of data scientists and engineers for support – we’re committed to giving you the tools to help you make the most of your ROLLER data.

This is the simple, secure and affordable way to integrate your ROLLER data with your other systems without developing a custom ROLLER API connector.

Drive data with ROLLER BI Connector and help your organization go further.

Smart Segments empowers market-leading organizations globally and across a range of industries.

Become a hyperconnected business that links people, data, and processes.

Say goodbye to information silos, manual data mining and gut-feeling guesswork, and feel confident in your decision-making processes.

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