Connect your accounting systems seamlessly with ROLLER.

Say goodbye to manual data downloads and uploads.

Businesses with multi-venue locations may find it challenging to provide a holistic view of all their financial interactions and transactions. An array of reporting data sheets such as CSV files and accounting applications can result in lost or duplicated data which can lead to discrepancies and an increase in workflows and costs. 

Integrating your existing ROLLER data with accounting applications such as Quickbooks, Xero, MYOB and Netsuite centralises financial data and streamlines performance reporting processes. Smart Segments ROLLER BI Connector provides a consolidated perspective and facilitates efficient and automated data management, allowing finance professionals to focus on more value-added activities such as analysis and proactive decision-making.

Gain a unified view of business performance by integrating your existing ROLLER data into Xero. MYOB. Quickbooks. Netsuite.

Flexible accounting integration

Seamlessly import ROLLER data into accounting applications such as Xero, MYOB, NetSuite and Quickbooks. Customise accounting setups based on venue and businesses specific requirements, such as cash or accrual accounting.

Agile budgeting and forecasting

Integrate multi-venue ROLLER data and analyse past performance and trends to create more accurate and agile budgets and forecasts. Enable stakeholders to adapt quickly to changing market conditions and adjust financial plans accordingly.

Automate daily and monthly data entry

Improve accuracy and data consistency by eliminating the need for manual data entry. Multi-venue ROLLER data, such as sales transactions, guest information, and payment details, can be automatically synced and transferred to accounting applications, increasing accountability, productivity and reducing the risk of errors.

Enhanced collaboration

Collaborate more effectively by providing a centralised platform for sharing and accessing financial information. Promote better communication and alignment among stakeholders, facilitating agile decision making and reporting.

Multi-venue revenue recognition reporting

Provide a comprehensive view and generate multi-venue revenue recognition reports and consolidate real-time insights into revenue trends and KPI performance. Improve existing recognition processes, reduce compliance risk, and better manage cash flow.

Stakeholder reporting dashboard

Customise reporting visualisation dashboards and analyse business and multi-venue data unique to individual stakeholder needs and requirements via an interactive interface. Learn more.

Connect ROLLER data with your preferred accounting applications.

We’ve got integrations for popular accounting programs, including:

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