Organise your data, so you can make intelligent business decisions.

Our range of data management solutions make it easier for you to uncover the data you need to make informed decisions with speed, ease and confidence.

Many business owners fall into two traps:

The Manual Miner

Understands the importance of data, spending countless hours manually reporting and wrangling it to make sense.

The Gut-Feeling Guesser

Collects data, but finds it overwhelming to organise and analyse, leading them to make assumptions instead.

Both of these business owners know data is a powerful and useful tool when making business decisions, but accessing, formatting, visualising, and analysing data can be messy, technical and downright complicated.

Feeling overwhelmed by attempting to organise your data can lead well-intentioned business owners into the trap of wasting hours of time or resources, just to achieve small, simple gains. Worse still, feeling overwhelmed can lead to lost opportunities to use valuable data to make better business decisions… but it doesn’t need to be this challenging.

Smart Segments can offer personalised, intelligent and streamlined solutions to allow you to unlock the power of your businesses data.

Save Time

Time is valuable: save countless hours, resources, and money, by using personalised automated data management solutions specific to your business.

Valuable Insights

Discover meaningful information about your customers and their behaviour, so you can provide them with a competitive service,  and deliver an industry-leading experience.

Confident Decisions

Make informed decisions based on facts rather than feelings, and feel confident in your ability to provide evidence to key stakeholders and investors.

Eclipse Competitors

Take full advantage of your existing data streams by spotting the ‘hidden gems’, and start out-performing‘ your competition with ease.

Clear Picture

Organised data at your fingertips allows for a clear and accurate understanding of your businesses portfolio or performance.

Ready to be smarter with your data?

So how does Smart Segments help your business unlock the power of your data?

We offer two key methods to help you manage your data.

Service Based Solutions

Smart Segments offers a range of services for all types of businesses across many industries, and can assist with a range of data-management challenges. Our most frequently requested services include:

Data Management


Integrations and Pipelining, Structuring, Warehousing, Streaming, Processing, Analysis & Protection

Analytics & Custom Metrics


Custom Dashboards, Custom Analytics & Metrics Algorithms, Custom Data Collation, Data Visualisation and Data Display

Machine Learning


Design & Implementation of custom Machine
Learning and AI driven process-improvements for making your products smarter

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Plug & Play Data Connectors

We have a number of connectors ready-to-roll for common platforms such as Xero and Roller.

These plug and play connectors bolt straight into your platform’s API for instant data collection.

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Measure business performance, motivate internal teams and find new opportunities by connecting Xero to Google Data Studio”

Roller Logo

Access the data required to run your venue and automate your marketing systems by connecting Roller to Google BigQuery

You can have confidence that our data-management solutions work.

Smart Segments has created custom solutions for a number of leading Australian and international brands across a range of industries.

skyline enterpris

Start organising your data with Smart Segments today.

Say goodbye to manual data mining’ and gut-feeling guesswork and become a Data-Savvy Sage.

By creating custom business solutions, you’ll feel more confident in your decision-making by being properly informed about your business.

Imagine being empowered by your data:

You’ll be properly informed about your business and your customer base, allowing you to be a better leader in your business.

Making confident, evidence-based decisions is made easy by readily accessible business data.

You’ll have clarity about your data by being able to clearly visualise what that data means for your business.

Be smart about your business, because you can’t manage what you can’t measure.

The Data-Savvy Sage

Has all the data they need at their fingertips, and feels confident in making smart and informed decisions to drive their business forward with ease.

Unlock the true power of your business data with our personalised solutions.

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