ROLLER Klaviyo Integration

Transform guest experiences and elevate revenue with unmatched customisation.

Utilise your ROLLER data to connect guests with personalised experiences, offers and recommendations at just the right time.

Smart Segments enables you to proactively enhance your guests’ experiences, turning potential challenges and opportunities into seamless, enjoyable aspects of their visit. Empower guests with real-time, tailored messaging, easy navigation, streamlined digital payments, and convenient pre-ordering options. 

ROLLER Klaviyo Integration stands out primarily because of its real-time communication capabilities and the comprehensive automated transfer of customer interaction data from all touch points within a venue – online or offline. This creates a strong foundation for targeted, timely and relevant marketing and experience campaigns that speak directly to the purchases and behaviours of guests.

Create Analyse Automate

Create Analyse Automate Exceptional Customer Experiences

  • Creative campaigns at the ready.

    Utilise the Roller Klaviyo experience builder to craft engaging, heartfelt campaigns that captivate your guests.

  • Insightful monitoring and adaptation.

    Keep a pulse on guest movements and interactions, using real-time insights to optimise their experience.

  • Informed strategies for engagement.

    Leverage analytics to refine your marketing strategies, ensuring every message hits home for maximum ROI.

  • Effortless information updates.

    Keep guests in the loop with up-to-the-minute updates on schedules, maps, and key information, all simplified through our platform.

  • Encourage on-site spending.

    With strategically timed prompts and offers, we help break down the barriers to spending, encouraging guests to make the most of their visit.

Tailored Solutions for Every Venue.

Smart Segments offers bespoke solutions designed to elevate operations and enhance guest satisfaction across various venues—be it theme parks, ski resorts, museums, or zoos.

Welcome Series for New Customers

Automatically send a series of welcome emails to first-time customers. This can include an introductory offer, details about the venue (e.g., maps, schedules), and what to expect during their visit.

Membership Upgrade Offers

For customers who’ve visited multiple times within a certain period, send targeted emails offering membership upgrades, highlighting benefits like discounts, exclusive access, or freebies.

Abandoned Cart Reminders

Trigger reminders for customers who start a ticket purchase but don’t complete it. Offer assistance or a limited-time discount to encourage completion

Re-engagement Campaigns

Identify customers who haven’t visited for a long time and send emails to re-engage, possibly including a targeted offer.

In-Venue Guest Experiences and Offers

Send relevant offers right to guests' mobile. Spotted a family heading to the animal exhibit? A family meal deal sent via SMS could entice them to dine at your on-site restaurant afterwards.

Post-Visit Satisfaction Surveys

Trigger an email or SMS asking customers for feedback a day after their visit. Use this data to refine experiences and address any issues.

Smart Segments Success Story

"Implementing Roller Klaviyo Integration with Smart Segments has elevated our guest experience, converting increased satisfaction into tangible revenue growth."
Adventure Air

Maximise ROI and optimise investment strategies.

With customised reporting dashboards analyse multiple variables to help gain a deeper understanding of campaign performance. Through straightforward data visualisation, digest complex data sets faster and fine-tune strategies to  boost results continuously.

Accelerate Child Birthday Marketing

Accelerate children’s birthday marketing with parent profile linking and data policy waivers automatically transferred from ROLLER to Klaviyo marketing platform. Send personalised special offers such as theme packages or discounts to encourage celebrations at your venue.

  • Set up a sequence of emails leading up to a birthday and touch on the hassle-free planning, unique facilities, and entertainment options your venue provides.

  • Prepare for upcoming events highlighting the date and start time, and remind guests to complete any pending actions, such as signing guest waivers. Offer party packages upgrades or add-ons that could enhance their celebration.

Empower Your Team While Marketing Operates Around the Clock.


All-encompassing platform for guest ROLLER data + marketing automation across email, SMS, and mobile push.


Over 200 venue and attraction industry customer’s use ROLLER integration to grow.


of revenue driven by guests through Klaviyo ROLLER integration.

Become a hyperconnected business that links people, data, and processes.

Say goodbye to information silos, manual data mining and gut-feeling guesswork, and feel confident in your decision-making processes.

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